Square Zuma

[Post New]by quailrancher on Mar 16, 16 7:49 PM
Years ago I played Zuma, but it looked different than the current version. The marbles moved across the top, then down the right side, rather than along a spiral. Zuma is the only game I ever played, so I'm sure that was what I was playing. Had the frog and the skull and the sound track. Was that a defunct version, or have I slipped off the rails?

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Re:Square Zuma

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Mar 17, 16 12:52 PM
Welcome to the pond!

When I first played Zuma more than 10 years back it was an abbreviated free version online so you might be thinking of that version. I don't have Zuma Deluxe on my computer right now but I want to say that one of the later screens in level 8 or 9 is a square shape and pretty challenging. The initial screens are some type of circular spiral but they will change in shape as you go along.

You might also be thinking of screens in Zuma's Revenge, because some of the levels in Iron Frog mode were very angular, for example. BFG doesn't have the full version of Zuma's Revenge, only the one that has adventure mode only.


Re:Square Zuma

[Post New]by quailrancher on Apr 5, 16 10:38 PM
Sorry for not being able to respond to the answer. I guess something was wrong with the system. I found the square version further along in the online version. Doesn't seem to be in the CD version.

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