Chapter 18--stuck at rainbow-PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by rangerluke on Mar 17, 16 2:42 AM
Chapter 18-- I get to the rainbow, but from the trees or the ground there is nowhere to go but off the cliff to DEATH!! What am I missing? Can't go any further in the game until I figure this one out--PLEASE HELP!! What am I missing? Also how do you find the secrets--not sur what to look for

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Re:Chapter 18--stuck at rainbow-PLEASE HELP!!

[Post New]by 16paws on Apr 17, 16 3:21 AM
Sometimes you have to backtrack until you find a way up or down from the platform you have been following. You might find platforms arranged in steps going up or down. When you find another path, you'll see the red arrow move to line up with that path.

I didn't find secrets in all the levels. I think they were only in the levels where the boy is the active character, but I may have missed some with other characters. Try running into a wall; sometimes you'll disappear and sparkles will appear to indicate that you have found more treasures, plus you'll get a message that you found a secret level.

Hope this helps.

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