Zodiac order

[Post New]by hammertoe on Dec 20, 09 3:04 PM
I had to quit playing this game because I couldn't get passed the first puzzle and I was soooo frustrated! I thought I had the plate, pizza and dessert in the correct order putting them in low to high ( 2 cherries, 3 cherries etc...). My red bar is still 3/4 ths full. If those 3 were right wouldn't the green bar be almost full? Then there's the zodiacs. I've looked it up on the internet and still can't get the order correct. I've tried every combo but the right 1 I think! I'm going to try and describe the symbols and order. If anyone could just let me know which ones are in the wrong order I'd appreciate it. I play lots of games and this is the first 1 that is driving me nuts. I had to quit playing for a long time.

1. waves
2. ram horns
3 open loop with 2 circles on the ends
4 H
5 arrow
6 circle
7 M

Please help


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Re:Zodiac order

[Post New]by cathy1200 on Dec 28, 09 6:48 AM
If anyone wants the zodiac order, pm me. They are not quite in order. One trick to this game is that you may not earn enough money to completely upgrade the restaurant and also buy all of the menu items (games). At one level, I did all of the restaurant upgrades first and then started buying menu items. The game progressed to next restaurant even though I did not finish the menu item games. If the games aren't your thing, upgrade the restaurant with your money.

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