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I would love to finish the game, but...

[Post New]by Furryfury on Mar 18, 16 3:43 PM
I just went back to the game after not playing for a few days--I thought I wasn't quite finished with the main game so I clicked on "main game" when given a choice (some devs give you a choice between main game and bonus game every time you hit "play"). It went back to the beginning of the main game, so I guess I finished it already. The problem is, now it won't let me go into the bonus game, AT ALL, unless I go all the way through the main game again. I have tried everything--exiting out completely, checking the bonus section, exhausting everything else I can think of...but even though the game clearly knows I finished the main game (all of my achievements are still sitting there waiting to be added to in the bonus), there appears to be no way to get to the bonus game now. It will no longer give me the option of "main game/bonus game" when I hit "play". Does anyone know of another way into the bonus game? There is no way I am going through the entire main game again.

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