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Ranch Rush series and other time managment and stragedy games

[Post New]by Vkann on Mar 18, 16 5:17 PM
I love these types of games, they are not dark like the Hidden Object games are getting.
The only problem I have with many of these types of games is I need a no timer on it. I have tried RELAXED and that is still to fast for me.
See I have problems with speed control with my hands and being a person with a disability, but still liking all these types of games, I don't understand why I need to be left out.
I love Ranch Rush, Delicious Emily, building type games, any fairy or magical type games that are not really colourful that can bring on seizures.
I also cannot play Match 3's for this same reason, and no SPIDERS PLEASE it would have the same result.

Can anyone help me with this I would be awful grateful.

THANK YOU for listening!!!

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