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Disarming the Security System

[Post New]by HighlandMax on Dec 21, 09 12:51 PM
Too bad we can't draw diagrams, so I will describe this the best I can, in words.
As you are looking at the panel, start with the bottom green wire, turn it horizonal to connect with the horizonal green wire in the next square on the right. Going to the right, in next square, turn the green wire upward into the square above, in that square, turn the green wire to point to the right, next square will be horizonal. next square should be the last one in that row, turn the green wire downward into the square below it, and then in that square, turn the green wire til it connects with the green light.

I don't know if starting at any of the other wires, will complete this puzzle.........I have played this puzzle 3 times and each time, started with the very bottom one. and worked my way to the right.


Re:Disarming the Security System

[Post New]by annelan on Dec 27, 09 11:17 PM
Hi I am stuck on the panel too. I have tried the walkthru versiaon and the version below nothing works... going insane here please help


Re:Disarming the Security System

[Post New]by MrsMoe53 on Aug 1, 14 4:42 AM
Highland Max's directions don't make sense. The second green wire in the sequence isn't a horizontal capability.

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