Match 3 achievement

[Post New]by Laura_hackett on Mar 19, 16 4:54 PM
I have just completed this game and have had the same problem as bavoir posted about in September 2015, but I was unable to respond on that post, as it has been locked.

The problem is that I was unable to get the 'Play one game using only match 3' achievement, despite playing many games with only match 3, not even clicking on the morphing object to be safe. In fact, I tried so many games in match 3 mode that I was unable to achieve the 'Find 300 objects' achievement either!

I'm not really sure what else I could have done, as it's a fairly straight forward thing to not click on any objects, switch to match 3 and then play it until the end of the scene.

Has anyone else had this issue and, more importantly, found a way to solve it?


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Re:Match 3 achievement

[Post New]by gpj53 on Jun 16, 16 12:22 AM
Nope, same as you, no achievement no matter what I did.

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