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Bag Issue/Love This Darn Game So Much/More

[Post New]by Yaelle on Mar 20, 16 10:46 PM
I hope you will please respond if you have. Here's the story:

Well its 2016 now - i just replayed the game, but on mobile this time.

I got to a point where I was supposed to upgrade the bag - I did so and then the
quest never marked as finished...I realized this had happened 2, 3 years ago when it came out.
I do NOT remember what I did to get past it, maybe sometimes ithappens & other times it doesnt?
So I really like

Well I tried to write in to the developer - no sequel yet, by the way!! lol they're doing that "focus on mobile" thing that virually EVERY pc/mac game developer eventually turns to before abandoning their original works and eventually going out of business. Seriously - how many times have you seen this happen?!

So i wrote in and tried to describe the bag problem but they want screenshots and I'm not sure I can provide that. Long story. I even restarted the game but I had some problems with my memory.... I'm not sure I did the bag thing correctly this time, although according to what is available for purchase it seems like I did...?? I dunno.
So the quest never goes away and the game can not be moved forward.

I'm sure at this point they'd not be able (or maybe willing) to release a patch for that but I really really would like to hear from others. I remember years ago when it cmae out & this happened to me (on the PC or Mac version, and now iphone) that there were others reporting it, too.

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Re:Have You Also Had The Bag Problem??

[Post New]by Karen2015 on Apr 5, 16 12:18 PM
I've just been to the makers site too and there is my game saved to the point that I played it to on here and so it appears that it's the actual manufacturers that are technically at fault.... BUT Big Fish are still SELLING the game even though they know that it's faulty and there is never any chance of it being repaired.
It should be removed from the site so that no-one else ever wastes their money.

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Re:Have You Also Had The Bag Problem??

[Post New]by Yaelle on Apr 12, 16 1:52 AM
No way. This is one of my favorite games in a long, long, long time. Despite the fact that it has that one issue & that its also....very unusual! .... this game is amazing.

I began playing again and I was able to get past the bag part. I dunno. Just like other times.
Make sure you go speak to the Shaman after buying the bag, thats one thing I had not done at first.

The quest wont clear til you do that.

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Re:Have You Also Had The Bag Problem??

[Post New]by Yaelle on Apr 14, 16 1:40 AM
I just replayed the game fully through (again) because I cannot get enough. Its just amazing in so many ways....

It seems I have the bag problem only now & then. I love this so much that at this point, I dont even mind getting stuck & having to restart.

BUT at the same time, I HATE THIS GAME lol. It bothers me *so* much that I've come across yet another series that has been abandoned by its creators because they want to focus on the blasted darn stinking mobile games.... again. Just like a dozen before them & a dozen before them & a dozen before them. Most of whom are totally unemployed now because thats a bad idea.

Its sort of like if you know a guy who prefers to try get rich quick sorts of jobs like multi-level marketing (pyramid!) & they end up in a perpetual quagmire of debt when if they'd just have worked a regular job all those years like a responsible adult, they'd be doing quite well... LOL Just be loyal to your fans - if you look on the web there is a forum somewhere where players were freaking out back in 2011 or 2012 because they were so antsy for the sequel, or for some communication from **** but not getting any.

So I played, had the bag problem, restarted & did not the next time. I just finished the full game & now what I want to do is this - -- BIG SPOILER ALERT:

Having a severe memory impairment, I had to write this down. Unfortunately, I mesed up some of the notes I took & dont have complete information. I just checked the game not 5 minutes ago but whatever I had heard went right out my ears. Here's what I mean:

I was trying to tie characters between the two games.
This game - the prequel sequel , released in Star Wars order:

Main character: Yati
Shaman: Rojo
Chief: Hakomo
Chief's wife: Tambusi
Chief's Son/Future Chief: Mdogoku
Mdogoku's doll: (I forgot the name)

New chief at the end of the game:
New shaman, who one of the main characters becomes the end of the game: Ugo

Chief in the first game (which takes place after this haha) : ___________
Shaman in the first game: ____________
Those are what I have to go look up but I assume we know who those are?? That is what i want to go see (again. So I can forget again.)

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