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level 10

[Post New]by kitty55d on Mar 22, 16 2:29 AM
This one has been driving me crazy. No matter what I do, can only get 2 stars and have tried so many times! Any hints to getting 3 stars? Thanks!

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Re:level 10

[Post New]by Silvia543 on Aug 6, 16 5:33 PM
Build the sawmill on a zoned lot.
While it builds, sell the only bungalow you have from start.
Buy 2500 material, build a ranch.
Sell the ranch and build a workshop in a spot where you don't need a house next to it later on.

From here it's easy, just depends what the random of the game puts on sale, so you may have to change the order of the following.

Hire 5 more workers.
Buy 6 pieces of either empty lots or bungalows, if none are on sale, buy 2 or 3 empty fields by double offer.
Build another ranch and sell it while you build more.
Buy 2500 more material.
Build until you have at least 4 ranches and 1 bungalow.
Paint them all.
If you have only 4 ranches, upgrade two ranches with 1 star.
If the workshop is not on a zoned lot, either buy and paint another bungalow or demolish the workshop.

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