Different Kind of Fireflies

[Post New]by Aurora_Griffin on Mar 22, 16 8:32 AM
How do you distinguish the difference between Regular, Rare, and Epic Fireflies? My Collection indicates I got one Rare, and that made me think how I didn't even notice when it happened. Do they all look the same, regardless of type?

And once you fill up the progress bars, what do you do with them?

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Re:Different Kind of Fireflies

[Post New]by anubischick on Mar 24, 16 8:59 PM
The card fireflies go into the accommodation on each level, firefly flats on Dragon and Forest Grove on Witchville. The regular ones cut down 1 hour from the refill time on the daily bonus you get from each accommodation block (hammer and dynamite), the rare cut it down by 105 minutes, so if you have a rare install it in one of the five spots in your block.

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