Level 4.10 Expert?

[Post New]by laurabird on Mar 24, 16 2:44 PM
Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice to achieve expert level for 4.10? Thank you!

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Re:Level 4.10 Expert?

[Post New]by j6point7 on Jun 30, 16 7:58 AM
I didn't not clear the wood or the food bush to the further right at all. At first I only cleared a path to the wood shack and switch, then used the switch back to the gold mines to collect 20 gold, then switched back to go to Minerva? shack. I built the work fast obelisk and had much, much faster time. On this level I think it is worth it to build the obelisk. I didn't need to upgrade the wood shack at all. I upgraded the worker's tent once. I only used the more resource bonus.

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