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Level 2.1 OMG!

[Post New]by tamk42 on Mar 24, 16 5:35 PM
How discouraging to have a level be this difficult this early in the game! The guide does not help. I don't like this one at all. I've read and tried some suggestions from here too and nothing! Blah!! I was enjoying this game until this level. And I am not one to give up after a few tries. In fact, I play the levels I already got gold on over and over to try to beat the developers record. But this one is bad. So discouraging.


Re:Level 2.1 OMG!

[Post New]by laurabird on Mar 25, 16 6:01 AM
I found a good video on YouTube that showed a few tricks to get expert level. I had to complete the game and go back, because I tried so many times!

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