Level 20

[Post New]by carmenpo2003 on Mar 25, 16 3:01 AM
Ican'tget more than5 of the critters you need 7 of to pass - played for 20 minutes and gave up. Any suggestions? I 100% terraformed, and kept planting grass, killing all the pirates. Please help!!

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Re:Level 20

[Post New]by unclepaul on Mar 26, 16 1:39 AM
At this stage you should already have the blue ball pirate shooter and the red button rainmaker
There is already a short walk through at


You need to terrafarm faster than the creatures eat the grass so whenever the red button becomes available or you have cash keep the grass coming.
Should be able to get gold in about 1.56.

I am going back and re playing some of the older TM games as there are very few new quality ones coming out. Wish they had done a Terrafarmers 2

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