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Welcome to Ziro forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Dec 24, 09 12:05 AM
Welcome to Ziro forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Ziro players.

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Re:Welcome to Ziro forum

[Post New]by prchalpn on Dec 24, 09 12:24 AM
Where is this game at? Looked on home page but can't find. I don't want to miss any new releases.
Looks to be fun. DL'ing now to give it a whirl.


Re:Welcome to Ziro forum

[Post New]by robbaldwin1954 on Jul 28, 11 2:34 PM
how do i play this game

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Re:Welcome to Ziro forum

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on May 28, 14 2:06 AM

below is what I found using the webarchive.

Also YouTube is helpful for these search terms:
ziro game solved (search_sort=video_date_uploaded)
ziro game level (search_sort=video_date_uploaded)
and the channel of corsariogames (for great playlists)

Ziro Gameplay

Ice Dices

Clear each level from Ice Dice by merging two of the same value. Different values of dice add or subtract, depending on their values (added up to sum of 9, else subtracted down to 1). Odd value dices have red and even value dices have blue dots (important for magnets).


Adding a “Plus” die to the Ice Die will increase the value of the Ice Die by one.


Adding a “Minus” die to the Ice Die will decrease the value of the Ice Die by one.


Merging the Ice Die with a Joker will make them both disappear.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube cannot be added or subtracted from any dice. This support element has one purpose only - help you solve movement problems more easily.

Dry Ice

Dry Ice will vaporise when clicked.


The wall cannot move, cannot disappear, it will stay forever!


This block can be moved only once. After it is moved it will stay in its new position forever.


Magnetocubes will pull or push your dice, depending on their colour. They only work on red and blue sides.


Dice that enters Teleport will pop out at its other end. Hover a mouse over teleport entry point to learn more about its properties.

Conveyor belts

Your dice will start the conveyor belts, every dice will travel in the direction of the conveyor belt until you stop it. Its up to you to discover how to stop conveyor.

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