Can't get out of the clock room!!!

[Post New]by nancybabb on Mar 26, 16 6:27 AM
Is there any way to get out of the clock room? I have done it lots of times but now I'm stuck! I got past the first time but now I can't get the bowl to open. HELP!!!

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Re:Can't get out of the clock room!!!

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Mar 26, 16 11:50 AM
Welcome to the pond!

The second time you're in the clock puzzle you have to find the weight, the clock hand, and just 2 bags of sand. The clock will be at 8 o'clock and you need to put the sand into hourglasses 1 and 2 until the sundial goes to 8 o'clock. You might be missing the jewel board in the back of the room sort of in the upper right - I want to say you need to click there to get that hidden section to open up. There's a walkthrough you can find on Google if you need more help.

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