Can't resume collecting achievements after finishing game

[Post New]by snarkymanatee on Mar 26, 16 8:06 PM
First time playing the Final Cut series, and I enjoyed this game. Intricate, thoughtful, and finely plot-driven. One of the parts I liked best was collecting achievements, especially special objects. I collected all but 1 of the film strips, and had wanted to resume looking for clovers and morphing objects. Unfortunately, I found that I couldn't return to the game after the major gameplay was finished to explore where these objects could have been--I would have had to start the game over completely. This is something I notice all too often in games and think preventing players from interacting with the game world after the standard gameplay undermines its immersive experience greatly. Would recommend that the next game allow players to go back, finish achievements, and explore the game world to see what may look a little different now that the game's main conflict is resolved--perhaps the remaining characters have concluding statements when you talk to them, perhaps the main character will have some short musings interacting with objects they've seen before.

I doubt there will be a way for me to go back and finish these achievements, which is a bummer because that was the afterplay I was most looking forward to. I'll leave my comments here before deleting the game (which will no doubt wipe all my progress) in hopes the developers will see this and take my comments into consideration. Thanks.

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