Not as good as the first :-/

[Post New]by REIDDEBSTER on Mar 27, 16 3:00 PM
It got kind of boring towards the end. I would have liked to go grocery shopping and able to buy a fridge etc. I wish the friends and relationship had more to say. It just seemed like the developers took short cuts on this one. I just wasn't feeling it like the first one. If they do make a part 3, I hope it's more interactive.

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Re:Not as good as the first :-/

[Post New]by LilaJane on Mar 28, 16 5:36 AM
I understand what you're saying. The friends have a couple of lines that they repeat, and it's such a long game. Eventually you just stop calling them. I got them all bikes so at least they get to our outings faster than at a snail's pace.

I started re-playing this after a long while and I was thinking it would be fun to have Life Quest 3 with new challenges. Me, too, I wish I could go grocery shopping. Also I wish there was family time after you get the babies. Like when you call your spouse to spend time at home you don't actually get to spend time with them at home. Also there's that park that you never get to go to, it's always a closed area. Maybe a little less career-oriented game would be nice. BUT with challenging tasks.

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