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The Safe

[Post New]by erma711 on Mar 28, 16 6:08 AM
I have been trying to open this for over 2 week, no luck. Another one to get rid of as well as Big Fish. Does anyone read these forum?????. It would seem seeing so many of us having problems they would do something about this. BY, BY.

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Re:The Safe

[Post New]by Fifiluna614 on Apr 17, 16 9:32 PM
Look at the walkthrough and see that the correct points are highlighted.

1. Go 5 buttons clockwise (farthest highlighted point to the left.)
2. Go 3 buttons counter-clockwise.
3. Go 7 buttons clockwise from the last button. If the safe were a clock face, this would be at 1 o'clock.


Re:The Safe

[Post New]by moshebud on May 7, 16 2:58 PM
Where is the walk thru

Go to: