[Post New]by shawneesissy on Mar 28, 16 2:56 PM
I am so frustrated with this game. I have played many of the big city adventure games but never had this experience. Am stuck on puzzle 54 & can't advance. Should have a skip option like the other games. There has got to be a way for the creator of this game to fix this problem. Don't know if I will purchase any other big city games. Anybody have any ideas?

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[Post New]by pysanky13 on Jul 31, 16 10:33 AM
none of the others are like this. it seems they learned a great deal from this one and added even better graphics, much better puzzles, and did away with this annoying match one. I have 15 plays for one round and at 18 for another. I came to the forum to see if there was an update but saw this first. I have all but 4 of the big city adventure games and this is the only one like it. you will love the others.



[Post New]by MercuryNeptune on Sep 26, 16 8:07 AM
Here are tips that may help:

1 Turn off the timer (can be turned back on any time).

2 Go from the top to the bottom first.

3 Use the arrows sparingly and try to get them on a line to clear out those pesky corners.

Still, it took me six tries for one puzzle using the above methods. The game is quite old so there probably won't be any updates to it.

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[Post New]by judiak on Dec 7, 16 1:54 PM
I agree that the graphics on this game are not very good. Many times I had to use the hints because the item was not fully colored or in an unexpected color. But my main problem was with the match 2 puzzles. I found the following tips helpful:
1. start at the top
2. clear vertical tiles first
3. clear from one side to the other if possible.
4. when several matches pop up click on them
5. don't automatically use the arrows. If they will clear several tiles go for it. When they show up on a row that is cleared wait until you can get it to fall to a lower row with uncleared tiles. I always used them to clear the bottom 2 rows when possible and the rows with single columns. I was stuck on one puzzle forever. It took countless tries to clear it.

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