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A bath and massage?

[Post New]by beckins on Mar 30, 16 10:36 AM
I can't believe I am already stuck. I need to cut the rope to retrieve the second ball but the hint button just points at the pool lady. There is nothing there I can use. I have clicked on her to move her away from the stool (thought what I needed was hiding back there) but when I click in that space, the pool lady just returns to her spot. What is she hiding? Where do I find something to cut the rope with? I have clicked all over this scene (top to bottom) and got nothing. What am I looking for? Please help.


Re:A bath and massage?

[Post New]by Darek_Rusin on Mar 31, 16 3:05 AM
Hmh... is this the point where you have the flower in your inventory and you have to give it to the lady? Perhaps that's what the hint is... hinting?

If you don't have the flower, you should be able to pick one close to the rightmost column, if I remember correctly.

Let me know how that goes

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Re:A bath and massage?

[Post New]by emerance on Jul 27, 16 4:59 PM
I had the exact same problem. The flower worked! thanks so much!

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