game won't load, task manager says it's unresponsive.

[Post New]by zawesomeness on Apr 2, 16 4:06 PM
Hi all, I know this was a problem in 2011, and I saw some answers there, but I have more: when the game opens, there are two black bars (presumably for the cutscene, which never starts for me) that appear when I start the game. The problem is, if I do try to exit the game, it exits, but the bars never disappear. The only fix for this is crtl+alt+delete, then choose 'shut down + restart.' When I go to the task manager to shut it down, (the bars are still there btw,) it says 'Jewel Quest Mysteries' 'Unresponsive'. I really don't want to rebuild my computer again or dig into the files and delete the problem.

If any of you guys have the same problem, and have fixed it, let me know.



Update: It's not even letting me click anything inbetween the black bars anymore.

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