Doesn't Work

[Post New]by macaroni1980 on Dec 26, 09 7:44 PM
Round 1:

Can't click employee and drag to station. Can't click employee and then click station.

Can't drag cat onto conveyor belt. Can't click cat then click conveyor belt or station.

The game doesn't work.


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Re:Doesn't Work

[Post New]by babyboo15 on Dec 30, 09 7:08 AM
i just downloaded it and tested it and mine works


Re:Doesn't Work

[Post New]by Babsbunny09 on Dec 30, 09 8:16 PM
I have just downloaded this game to try and i can get my worker to the station but not the cat why has bfg not done anything about this.


Re:Doesn't Work

[Post New]by ziggystar12 on Jan 1, 10 10:33 AM
I know it's confusing, employees are click, then click the station. Cats are click and drag objects.

If you prefer all "click click" tpye actions, click on pause, then options and turn on click to pick up for the cats. That might make things easier.


Re:Doesn't Work

[Post New]by dvirah on Jan 1, 10 12:57 PM
There were many bugs in the BFG version. I actually ended up downloading a different version directly from the manufacturer's website that was bug-free.

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