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Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by U25150 on Dec 26, 09 8:40 PM
How do you complete the 15 furniture & 15 clothes goal?

The only way to obtain recycled material is importing & you run out of it quickly.

Also, you can't make thread for the clothes.

You can not build a recycle center or thread factory ... so how do you accomplish this?

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Re:Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by Heavens0929 on Dec 27, 09 6:32 AM
I found that there's a glitch for the thread...the arrows on the city sign go in the wrong direction.

Get a bus to go the bus stop and then click on the sign...then get a truck from the sign to the clothing factory...that works....

But I'm having the same problem with the recycling centre...can't build it..I've checked under each heading on the bottom....I need recycling for my plastics factory.

Anyone find it? My game is in pause mode LOL....


Re:Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by Heavens0929 on Dec 27, 09 7:00 AM
I found the "little" road sign on the bottom right ...but you're right, it only gives 4 recycled units....

Anyone know where to get more?


Re:Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by Heavens0929 on Dec 27, 09 7:54 AM
Ok..I'm getting sick of my OWN posts...hehe

Found the solution....as usual, I'm searching frantically and didn't hover long enough to see that I needed a BUS from the city to the city sign in the lower half....that solved the problem...

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Re:Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Aug 7, 11 7:43 PM
Heavens0929 wrote:I found that there's a glitch for the thread...the arrows on the city sign go in the wrong direction.
Actually, no, Right-pointing orange arrow, you need to send stuff TO other town, left-pointing blue arrow, you can get stuff FROM other town--least ways, that's what the Help says (in the last item on the Buildings page). A spot check of a few levels doesn't contradict that, and shows that whenever there's only one arrow, it's always the blue type.

As for answering your own posts in detail: Thanks, Heavens! I find very few things more annoying than having a post answered with "Never mind" or "Figured it out, LOL!" or the like.

Of course you could have deleted all posts and thus made the thread go away (until I stuck my oar in just now), but I think you were right not to.


Re:Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by powderpuff44 on Apr 29, 12 3:27 AM
Hi all

You don't need a recycling centre as we don't have trash. I just added the buildings that were needed and I got the furniture and clothes to go to the mall. I am stuck on trying to get the 6500 earnings. Anyone else stuck?

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Re:Troy, Michigan

[Post New]by ricoblade on Apr 30, 12 1:43 AM
Hi - Buses are the key to getting your income up (as well as having fully upgraded Furniture and Clothes supply chains).

You start with 2 Buses going from Bus Stops near the Theatre to the Theatre.

I route one of thoes Buses to transport passengers from the northern Bus Stop near the Theatre to get to the Polyester and leave the one from the southern Bus Stop going to the Theatre. I build another Bus Stop among the houses near the road to get the Trash and route a Bus from it to get to the Trash.

Increase your Environment rating with a Park so it goes positive enough to be white and makes the passenger numbers at the Bus Stops go up.

Upgrade your Buses/Buy and upgrade Buses in line with the Passenger numbers and upgrading the Houses via the Bus Stops.

This should get you more than enough revenue.

Hope that helps!

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