Level 50

[Post New]by blrourt on Apr 3, 16 2:24 PM
I can't even get close to finishing with three stars. I either don't have enough gas or I don't have enough money. Any suggestions? I can't believe I'm the only one having trouble on this one. I've been able to get everything else (OK. I had to check the forum for 43) but I never seem to get any closer.

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Re:Level 50

[Post New]by plat1098 on May 20, 16 5:07 PM
Well, this is the final level, and it's expected that you put to use every single strategy you picked up in the previous levels, and make it snappy.

Since this level is a smorgasbord of every pitfall and priority, I'll give some very general tips for anyone who needs a little boost, hopefully without spoiling the fun either!!

What to build first: diner and house
Who to rescue first: he's in the canyon on the right side
What building to build first: ATV station
What building to build next: goes with canyon guy rescued first
Who to rescue next: he's stuck behind a patient
Who to rescue next and next: people you wouldn't want showing up in your rear view mirror.
Two gas stations, then demolish both for houses when all canyon people are cleared out.
I upgraded diner then demolished it later to build house. Left one building site empty.
No need to get to the bonuses behind the small rock on upper right, you can't afford it. Just use the two speeds, the dollar and the one lumberyard speed-up.

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