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BumbleBee Jewel - Workarounds to enjoy this Game

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Apr 4, 16 5:23 AM
A time ago I've purchased this game for my wife. It's a very cute and easy match-3 game for the late evening to calm her down from the hard day in the office.

We play the game on our windows xp based system which is using already a quad-core cpu and also a current graphics card.

The BigFish version of the game stores player profiles within the current user's application data folder, which doesn't require admin privileges here (unfortunately we own the other version).

We've noticed these problems with the game:
items are placed sometimes outside the game grid where they cannot be moved (only skip level helps then)
the music requires a very high immunity against nerve-racking sounds
the game is always using a timer

How to fix the items placed outside the game grid:
- Just create another player profile you don't use for play: a dummy profile which we called QUIT
- ALWAYS change the player profile to this dummy profile QUIT BEFORE quitting the game

By using this safe workaround we've never seen any items placed outside the game grid where they cannot be moved anymore yet.

What about the timer?
This is not such a hard timer you may already know. It's increased again by any match you do. Just keep making matches to increase your time and avoid non-matching thinking

I did my best to write a useful and still safe posting here.

Good Luck

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Re:BumbleBee Jewel - Workarounds to enjoy this Game

[Post New]by TheReelFreak on Apr 4, 16 5:27 AM
What about the music based on highly nerve-racking sounds?
The same guys did also a very much better music: Just try the also here available game 3D Knifflis too!


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