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Can't get Hospital Check In key pad code @ Nurse station

[Post New]by Blue_Phoenix on Apr 5, 16 2:03 AM
Ive spent a TOTAL of 18 hours just trying to do this part. The code is different for everyone. The CE example shows "LEFTY". I know how to get the code which is the right order of the toe tags, and the heights on the toe tags, then off to the eye chart. I get that if the height is 4'6", you look on line 4 and find the 6th letter on that row.

I have used my magnifying glass and gone over this ad nauseum & am frustrated because I cannot move on at all. I don't know if the code will always spell out a word like the example in the CE Strategy Guide. The letters I have, no matter what order I put them in (the correct way and then just to try other ways to get through, I tried all combos of the letters), do not spell a word.

Ive gone back and forth like an obsessive compulsive to absolutely make sure I have the toe tags in the correct order, and the proper heights. I study that eye chart to get my 5 letter code to punch in to the nurse holding the keypad at hospital check in and NOTHING works.

Has anyone had this problem? I tried hard to look if this has been addressed in this forum but can't find it. Is it a glitch in the program (I am a MAC user)? Im terribly frustrated and beg your help. Thank you so much.

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Re:Can't get Hospital Check In key pad code @ Nurse station

[Post New]by WilJul on Apr 19, 16 4:44 PM
Blue_Phoenix I am so sorry. I can feel your frustration. All I can suggest are the common mistakes folks make: 1. Make sure you have all of the souls in the correct order. 2. Make sure you are looking at the line numbers instead of which number line it is. Example, if its 4'2, look at the line with the numeral 4, not the 4th line. 3. Look at the 2nd letter in that line (using the 4'2 example).

I know, you said you've done those things. Just checking. Forgive me.

They should form a word. The words I remember being possibilities are BLOOD, FLOOD, LEFTY and FEELY.
Maybe you're having difficulty reading the letters. The eye chart should read like this:
10 = H
9 = O W
8 = D O E
7 = S I T F
6 = E E L T O
5 = B E M E Y O
4 = U L I T T L E F L Y

When looking for other posts with the same problem always try an "Advanced Forum Search". Go to the “Search All Forums” Box to the upper right of these posts. Click “Advanced Forum Search”, then enter your search words, for example “eye chart code”, then select this game’s title from the drop down menu. All posts with those words included will then pop up for your perusal.

Lastly, if you still can't get through, you can try posting your heights and we can see if we can figure it out for you. If anyone is still around this forum, that is.

Good luck!

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