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[Post New]by Vanadvindun on Dec 27, 09 4:24 PM
Just finished playing the game (it ends at 1979) and loved it! Here are some general hints.

When you're stuck on any one level for a long time, you need to re-work your strategy. Once you figure out what they want you to do, you'll finish the next few levels quite quickly. By the end of the 1960s, you need to start demolishing the older parts of the city and rebuilding from scratch.

Buy a fair amount of Leisure and Recreation purchases in each round (with your lodgings). It's the only way to keep up the # of Guests and Attractiveness stats.

Upgrade as much as possible. For instance, after 1969, your Tourist Information centers upgrade for free and bring in a LOT more guests. All buildings upgrade at some point---do as much as you can afford. Upgrades only cost money--you don't need building permits.

Extra building permits in a round? Build as many lifeguard stations as possible. The next round probably won't have ENOUGH building permits, and you can then demolish the lifeguard stations.

You HAVE to build a lot of hotels. Look at the lodgings stats. Just because it costs more, doesn't mean it's the best choice. (e.g., if you stick a Villa Coco in every possible space, you'll never want for money).

Replace old hotels (e.g., Sunrise) with newer hotels, as they become available (e.g., Royal). This is essential in the 1970s portion of the game.

When you start to run out of room, dump those Cherry lodgings. By the end of the game, you'll rarely need them. Demolish them, and replace them with Cocos or larger hotels.

Use every space available. Unless you absolutely have to, for instance, don't put a Sunrise where a Florida will fit. The only exception to this rule is with the Cherries. A row of three side-by-side Cherries can be quite profitable. Of course, you can always demolish two of them later and build a Royal.

Build Beach Volleyball Courts in all available places ASAP. Then, use the small spaces left for horde-ing building permits by building lifeguard stands.

Learn to use your small "transporter" in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Saves a lot of time.

Listen for the sound of a box or broom entering your list. Check them off ASAP.

Watch the edges of your city. New space opens up, but they don't tell you.

Don't be afraid to tear down a red Royal, for instance, and build a new red Royal. Sometimes, it's the only way to meet their demands.

Hope this helps.



[Post New]by funkymonkeymommy on Jan 2, 10 9:48 AM
I'm stuck on 1932...I've tried multiple times but am always left with building the cinema far away from parks and information buildings. The adviser says to build it in the centre, but no matter where or how many I build it will not remove the task?? I have demolished everything around the exact centre and built it then, but it still won't accept it.???

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[Post New]by Poliwird on Sep 18, 10 11:03 PM
Thanks for interesting reading, Vanadvindun, funny but my strategy was very very different. But i guess that just depends on what you're personally aiming for when playing, even 'home rules' maybe. The highest score and the largest amount of cash on level completion is given for finishing a year as quickly as possible, every single day costs, that's why i never have time to build an extra building 'for later'. But maybe someday i'll try replaying it aiming eg to 'spend all available permits every year and take all free space asap', or vv: 'to take the least possible space and use upgrades and repaints instead of building', anything like that would be fun

A hint i wish the tutorial had paid attention to: there's a couple of very useful buttons under minimap, one shows exact summary of lodging/recreation resources and leisure requirements from existing buildings, the other saves a screenshot of the entire map, so when eg i had to search the large city for the single oldstyle diner to upgrade i could do it off the realtime.

Seems that never ever before got i so addicted to a casual game as with this one (except maybe for Zuma when it was new), that's why i just have to up these old threads



[Post New]by missie1230 on Jan 27, 11 5:49 AM
Did anyone get past 1932 in placing the movie theater in the middle task? I am stuck there, any help is appreciated!

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