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How Do You Get Past Last Snake Puzzle?

[Post New]by BlackestRose on Dec 27, 09 6:23 PM
I have finally reached the last puzzle and this snake is annoying the hell out of me, how can I get past her? An hour of trying and im starting to want to give up but I know that this is the last puzzle so im carrying on trying to defeat her...I just cant which is annoying me.

Help please?

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Re:How Do You Get Past Last Snake Puzzle?

[Post New]by Sergeij on Jun 25, 12 9:24 AM
I, too, wrestled a long time with this last puzzle, which is the most difficult of all.

I found, through trial and error, that you CANNOT let the snake corner you. Rather, you must cast as many "blue spells" as you can, as you work your way past the snake's head to its backside. Try to ALWAYS STAY BEHIND THE SNAKE. Continue to build blue over red (this means clicking twice) as you advance towards the snake's tail. That way, if the head suddenly turns on you, you have a solid base of blue to run to. Keep clipping away at the snake's tail, and pause occasionally and look around. You may have to creep up behind the snake and build more blue blocks. Finally, by staying out of the way of the front of the snake, you can finally finish cutting its tail 4 times, and that's it! You've won! Don't worry! It took me two days to do it!

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