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Getting the trophy for 900+ years

[Post New]by drummer1961 on Dec 28, 09 8:18 AM
How do you get the person to live past 85, I tried to use the potion on them again but didn't work, only gave them visions of childhood. What do you need to do, I can't get anyone to live past 85. Thanks in advance fishies

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Re:Getting the trophy for 900+ years

[Post New]by CutiePotootie on Dec 30, 09 5:29 AM
I really am not sure what is going on for my Tribe I got to use the fountian of youth more than three times but then I forgot to do it a third time so I didn't get the trophy, but I don't think you are waiting the right amount of time. Tell me how long are you waiting you have to wait untill the person's hair turns gray again!!


Re:Getting the trophy for 900+ years

[Post New]by Choc_Chip on Jan 18, 10 11:03 PM
This is the only trophy I need ~ I have my oldest tribesperson at 326 years old and it is soooooo frustrating, just a waiting game and making sure that you don't forget to log in every now and again and give them the youth potion!!!

Does anyone know how to speed this process up??? Is there an aging potion???


Re:Getting the trophy for 900+ years

[Post New]by michbond on Jan 27, 10 4:07 PM
Can you tell me how you get the youth potion? Is it from solving the mystery of the fountain?


Re:Getting the trophy for 900+ years

[Post New]by Emzy489 on Feb 13, 10 5:44 PM
hi pplz!! wen u get the last trophy of da game/ 900+ yrs, does the game end?? or does it keep going?? plze tell me!! i hope it doesnt end! thnx!

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