Keys into locks in the order

[Post New]by Maggie_Jean on Apr 7, 16 1:51 AM
This game has frustrated me since the first time I played this game. Can anyone give me some hints to finally getting it right in a few minutes instead of a few hours? I usually end up skipping it. I hate having to do that.



Re:Keys into locks in the right order!!!!!

[Post New]by Maggie_Jean on May 26, 16 9:48 PM
I really would like some one who has played this game to answer my question. I posted my query back in April. I am sure there is some one out there that has played this game that knows how to play this section of Christmas Wonderland 2.

I can not figure out how to put the candy cane keys into the locks in the correct order so they will stay. I have never gotten it right so have to skip the section.

I have figured out how to do the other sections of this game.


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