Brookland Bridge - Power Box In the parki

[Post New]by Mistybelle_11 on Apr 7, 16 10:19 PM
Can anyone tell me how to open the power box in the park I have a key but can't seem to get it to work usually there is an eye that lets you zoom in but I can't seem to make that happen either

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Re:Brookland Bridge - Power Box In the parki

[Post New]by Inanga on Apr 7, 16 11:11 PM
I'm stuck in there too.

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Re:Brookland Bridge - Power Box In the parki

[Post New]by sbxxcb85 on Apr 8, 16 12:06 PM
I just finished that part. You should have 2 keys. Put the little arrow near the lock. Do you have a photo? That will get the power on in the park. Use gloves then tape. After that search the items. Now "I am" stuck. Hope this helps.


Re:Brookland Bridge - Power Box In the parki

[Post New]by OpalSapphire on Apr 24, 16 9:22 AM
I just solved this part. Here is how I did it, with much help from all the posters to this forum:

Do the scene at the construction site first,
Then the scene at the hot dog stand,
Finally, go to the dark lamp post and retrieve the polaroid.

Return to the hot dog stand and using the key, open the electrical box, flip the switches so they match the polaroid photo.

Go back to the dark lamp post.
Use the black rubber gloves (Safety first)
Then the roll of electrical tape

The Boss will go back to turn the lights on, and we can finish this last scene.

To play this set of scenes over, you do not have to re-start the entire game. Just exit the game, and when you return, you'll have the choice of which portion of the last part of the game you were in to return to, choose the middle one, the construction scene (I think they actually call it something different, but you'll understand when you see it) and the scene will replay from the start. Follow the path I listed above to finish this part.

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