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No Update Found as of 4/8

[Post New]by mrm2006 on Apr 8, 16 3:13 PM

First, an update was available 3/22. Now, there's supposedly an update as of 3/30. I have checked all the ways BFG suggests, although updates automatically show on my Game Manager, and ..... no update. I have contacted BFG Customer Service and received no reply.

What gives?


Re:No Update Found as of 4/8

[Post New]by oldgraymare on Apr 12, 16 4:41 PM
As of 4/12 no up date. I agree with everything mrm2006 says. I also tried with no success.


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Re:No Update Found as of 4/8

[Post New]by JulieJay on Apr 16, 16 2:00 PM
There was an update for MAC on 28 March and then for PC on 30 March. This only fixed the error in Level 2 Game 8. It didn't fix anything else.

(Not sure where you got 22 March from?).

The update for me (PC 30 March) didn't show up in my game manager. I had to uninstall and install to get the above fix.

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