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[Post New]by valharms on Apr 9, 16 3:51 AM
There are several design flaws that are extremely annoying. I had to restart once already to get into the cathedaral, because I did something out of order. Now I am afraid I may have to restart again because I neglected to pick up a lion figurine and there is no longer access to it. Any ideas? I am not restarting when I'm so far along ~ I may have to just can this game. Really annoying!!



[Post New]by manuarastar on May 16, 16 2:42 AM
I find the games better than ever. Unfortunately, this particular game won't play after it is bought. The program recognizes that I have bought the game but won't let me play it unless] I provide a name and a security key. Who's problem is this? Don't expect a reply from them. They just want the money. They simply don't want to know you.

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