It won't let me out of the computer screen :-(

[Post New]by REIDDEBSTER on Apr 10, 16 10:25 AM
I'm reading Rhiannons email and I finished but all it's giving me is a black screen. I had to start the game over and it stopped again at this same part. Help this is frustrating:-(
Can this glitch be fixed?


Re:It won't let me out of the computer screen :-(

[Post New]by kazkaz1957 on Jun 18, 16 10:44 AM
Hi Reiddebster

Do you mean that Rhiannon's computer is showing a black screen or is your own monitor showing an entirely black screen?

Can you remember what you clicked on when you finished reading the email? That might provide a clue as to whether you've stumbled upon a glitch.

It's not a glitch I've heard of before though so I suspect it could be that your download has somehow become corrupted and you may have to re-download the entire game again to eliminate it. If you do so, please don't use any of your previously saved games or you will reintroduce the glitch - so you also need to delete all the saved games in the appropriate folder in My Documents and start the game again.

Hope that helps.

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