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What happened to the soup ingredients?

[Post New]by a4xlbear on Apr 10, 16 2:01 PM
Obtained a pouch of soup ingredients from the chest in the cave leading to the troll camp. but when I needed it for the soup, it was gone from inventory, but there was a space where it should have been. What happened to it?

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Re:What happened to the soup ingredients?

[Post New]by skpjazz on Apr 11, 16 8:01 AM
I may be wrong, but it seems like I remember that when I poured the water in the pot, the bag of vegetables automatically jumped from the inventory onto the table beside the pot. (I thought to myself "how did that get there?" am I getting senile?)
Seriously though, look again and see if it's already on the table, if not, then there's a glitch.

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