What a great game

[Post New]by GeorgeXXIII on Dec 30, 09 2:00 PM
I've seen a few bad or middling reviews of this game but I thought it was wonderful. The scenes and art were authentic and atmospheric. The gameplay in timed mode was superb-you really had to think before you clicked or lose 10 seconds and don't waste hints.It was just challenging enough, not boringly easy or frustratingly difficult. The knowledge that went into it was the best I've come across in a HOG.
Well done to the makers of this game. One of the best I've played.

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Re:What a great game

[Post New]by catlady4 on Jan 2, 10 9:34 AM

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Re:What a great game

[Post New]by doctorgood on Jan 5, 10 9:22 AM
tsk! tsk! tsk! catlady4! George XXIII is allowed his opinion. Put your claws away and act like a lady! I played the relaxed mode during the demo and found it enjoyable also. I'll probably buy it when my game credit comes thru for my 6 purchases in Dec.,
anyhow...........be nice.

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