Developer's Record - Level 2.7 Expert

[Post New]by BellaLilyChloe on Apr 13, 16 6:43 PM
I have replayed this level at least 50 times, and I still wind up about 2,000 points below the dev's record. Has anyone beat the expert dev's record? Thank you!

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Re:Developer's Record - Level 2.7 Expert

[Post New]by nuttynuts on May 19, 16 11:51 PM
I beat it but I am playing the standard version so I am not sure if this would apply for the CE version as well.

If they are the same: This is a tough one but doable. upgrade the woodmill as soon as you can. clear the way toward the lower bridge and do the bridge before using the resources bonus. Also clear the way toward the switch-bridge but don't take the pile of wood there or the crossed wood thingies. Do all these when you are using the resources bonus.

Use the first resource bonus with the gold after the lower bridge, the wood pile in the north, and the crossed woods right before the kid. You will need a lot of wood so keep collecting the wood at all times. Now fix the bridge leading to the switch, get the present with the kid and keep collecting the gold at the goldmine in the mean time. Right after you get the present, hit the switch and do the crossed-woods in the north and hit the resource bonus as the worker is about to enter the tent so that you can collect other stuff before the bonus runs out. Get the gold above and keep getting the gold from the guy with Medara. Medara will need to get gold about 5-6 times. But don't get too much because you need 10 wood for the boat. Now you can work your way through to the boat.

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