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Fear for Sale: The House on Black River

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Apr 15, 16 12:29 AM
EleFun Games proudly presents the next installment of the Fear for Sale series!

While investigating the ranch of a recluse artist, your colleague disappeared! You've been called in to find him, but this isn't your average rodeo. Things take a dark turn when the past and the present collide. Can you discover what secrets the ranch holds before it's too late? Find hidden objects and complete puzzles to help along the way.


Re:Fear for Sale: The House on Black River

[Post New]by scarfoil on May 8, 16 9:18 PM
Just completed the game. Enjoyed it very much. The story was entertaining and kept my interest throughout. I like games that are eerie and mysterious in nature and this one was perfect.
Special effects were top notch, music was awesome, graphics were great, and sound effects really drew you into the story. The clues were not too hard but challenging enough to keep you from getting bored. And the puzzle varieties and how they were worked into the game made it all the more interesting.

Kudos to the developers on this one. They knocked it out of the park! I strongly recommend this game to folks that enjoy Hidden Object games.


Re:Fear for Sale: The House on Black River

[Post New]by sweaver65 on May 15, 16 11:45 AM
In the art room where you have to finish the painting. I've completed the painting, but nothing happens. The cursor stays a paint brush. All colors seems to line up although the moon is not as bright white as in the photo. How do I get past this?

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Re:Fear for Sale: The House on Black River

[Post New]by dandydog on Jun 3, 16 12:47 PM
I believe you used the gold color for both her hair and moon right? Instead, you need to use the same white for both her nightgown and the moon. The picture will be finished then.

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Need Help in the Doll House

[Post New]by cejene on Sep 2, 16 11:15 PM
Loving this game but I am stuck.
I am in Sonia's room, in the doll house. Can't get the dress on the puppet. The hint points to the dress and to the puppet but the dress won't go on.

Please if anyone can help.

Thank you.

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