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Laundry room

[Post New]by Marg2 on Dec 31, 09 8:36 PM
Help! I'm stuck in the hidden object scene that has the owl mechanism in the right top corner. The only object left to find is a button. Don't know if it's referring to button #3 which is needed for the owl mechanism. Which wouldn't be fair because according to Margie B's walkthrough, button #3 is found before entering that scene. The hint is no help. It points to the owl, which I can't complete because I don't have button #3. I've gone all around the edges to find an exit arrow from the scene, but have not been able to find one. The only thing I can think of is to start over and get button #3 before entering that hidden object scene.

Has anyone else entered this scene without having button #3? Have you found a way out?

Thanks much for any help.

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