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[Post New]by briandavid12 on Apr 16, 16 4:15 AM
Big fish sent me 4 free game numbers that they said NEVER EXPIRES 3 which when I
entered them I was told that 3 were not valid and the other state that NOT VALID FOR ANY DISCOUNT. I am a 75 year old disabled person having had 5 HEART ATTACKS 4
STENTS DIABETIC GOUT AND NOW HAVE LUNG CANCER they know all my details as I am in and out of hospital regularly and look foward to my games I have for the last 12 months been trying to get them to re- install or repair 9 games that I have paid for but do not work, including TOTEM TREASURE 2 Ihave the same problem where I can only bet $200.00 and in three days running I lost to somewhere where they will not tell me where over $194,568.000.00 went. I have told them now that if I do not get a satisfactory answer then as I have been advised by a legal team that as the games I bought in good faith are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE I have an 85 %chance of winning. Perhaps more players should also do the same and they may then do something about loads of games bought but do not work.

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