Agency 33/Level 53

[Post New]by blessedruss on Apr 16, 16 5:27 PM
We have been stuck on Level 53 about a month now. Last available task was to create a sword and activate it with a ruby stone. We created the sword in the Professor's house in the Alps and it seems to have disappeared. When we try to use the "go to" button nothing happens. How can we activate the sword? In addition we have not received any new tasks.

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Re:Agency 33/Level 53

[Post New]by napoeon on Apr 17, 16 5:50 AM

An Important Announcement Regarding Agency 33 - August 18, 2015

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Aug 18, 15 9:23 AM
Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the difficult decision has been made to make no further updates to Agency 33.

We greatly appreciate your support for this game. Tremendous effort, heart, and creativity has been poured into Agency 33. Our awsome and dedicated players (you!), the developers, and everyone here Big Fish have worked together to make the game the best it can be. This was an extremely difficult decision and one that was not made casually.

With many quests to complete, Agency 33 offers hours of game play and will remain available to all users.

If your adventure is complete, we have lots of games to try including Midnight Castle .

Please feel free to PM the moderators with any questions.



Re:Agency 33/Level 53

[Post New]by sinsin02 on May 20, 16 7:30 AM
so that it the game is over


Re:Agency 33/Level 53

[Post New]by AmesE73 on May 20, 16 1:06 PM
The same thing just happened to me. I got to the sword with the ruby stone and there where no more tasks. I came on the forum looking to see what was next and found this.....No more updates. I really had no idea.


Re:Agency 33/Level 53

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Jun 30, 16 4:20 AM
Everyone can still play even though there will be no more updates. I'm at level 55. You can always set a goal of what level you want to get. Just repeat some of the scenes. Good Luck.

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Re:Agency 33/Level 53

[Post New]by cajun69queen on Jul 10, 16 12:00 PM
sinsin02 wrote:so that it the game is over

I also came on here looking for some answers (like what level do you have to be to open the 7th portal door), but this wasn't the one I was looking for. Due to internet provider issues this is one of the few games I can play and I loved the quests, but this is gonna stink if we can't have quests to keep going... that is what made the game interesting to me and fun. It wasn't just a plain Jane, ordinary Seek and Find game. This is so disappointing now that I have to find a new game.

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