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Curses and Perfume Spray

[Post New]by deadme on Apr 17, 16 1:18 AM

Is anyone else having a hard time in getting....

1. Curses to drop from a Gremlin or even playing the Hunters Hut. ( I may get an odd 1 from there but not as many nowadays. )

2. Perfume Sprays drop rate. I just put up 9 cursed HOS and got only 1 perfume spray back and I've noticed that when I'm trying to gain more sprays it's been the Ice Cave that has dropped the spray and no other HOS.

Is this the update drop rate gone down or is it always been that hard to get the perfume spray?

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Re:Curses and Perfume Spray

[Post New]by zigzagbuddha on Apr 17, 16 1:38 PM
For me it was the temple scene that almost consistently dropped the spray bottle when i couldn't get it anywhere else. It has always been hard for me to get hold of a sprayer... I pretty much rely on the tavern for them now.

I'm not having any trouble getting curses though, in fact i'm getting more from the hunter's hut than i ever did before! Also the gremlins are dropping them frequently as well. But if i was trying to get one guaranteed it wouldn't come easy.

I used to think it was programmed right into the game to make it tough to get anything i needed, and i'm sure there is lots of truth to that still, but it's become pretty obvious to me now that it is my own effort that is the problem. When i'm TRYING REALLY HARD to get something I rarely get it. But when i'm relaxed and just having fun with the game, stuff I need drops left and right.


Re:Curses and Perfume Spray

[Post New]by whatzcookn on Apr 23, 16 5:18 AM
Wish I could get any curse have not had one in a month and no reply from BF


Re:Curses and Perfume Spray

[Post New]by humblefrank on Apr 23, 16 12:20 PM
you can get the perfume spray from the tavern cards and other odd and end stuff when needed for quest just have to play till they show up i needed the sling shot for quest and was able to get while playing cards

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Re:Curses and Perfume Spray

[Post New]by Teel59 on Apr 24, 16 1:49 PM
If you need curses, search for me (Teel or 28030) and I'll gift as I have plenty.

Please remember to request the SINGLE curse and not the block of 10 as these are not giftable (it's an easy mistake to make - a lot of people do it not realising)..

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