boat and sailor?

[Post New]by afinstad on Apr 17, 16 4:07 PM
hi all..what do i do with the boat and sailor? i have referred to the strategy guide and it appears they should be place on the upstairs door in the preschool but i am unable to do so? nothing happens when i move cursor over the star is or door, its a dead zone.. am i missing something? hint button not helping. just says i guess i should move along. switched to easy mode but map does not highlight zones where there is something to do… i am completely stuck!!!

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Re:boat and sailor?

[Post New]by JPOlafson on Jun 5, 16 9:31 AM
I got the boat and sailor and put them by the door and moved the boat to the building on the left. It says that the office is right there through the door but I can't get back to the door. I am in limbo now just going in circles as I can't do any thing. I have checked for updates but there isn't one. What is going on with this game??If you miss a move then your are stuck doing nothing and going no where!

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