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Confused about blue HO items

[Post New]by linda072 on Apr 18, 16 12:31 PM
Am I missing something? How do I find the "blue" objects int he HO puzzles? When I hint the hint button, the objects change to something else. I don't understand the correlation here.

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Re:Confused about blue HO items

[Post New]by amj0963 on Apr 25, 16 12:53 AM
this was posted by miss abby in the thread titled hidden object hint button not a problem

I think someone else mentioned this in another thread, but just in case anyone missed it, I'm reposting it here!

In the hidden object games you don't have to click on the hint button to find the objects in blue...just click on the name of the object and it will change until it names an object that is in the scene. It actually tells us that in the directions on the first hidden object we play! So it's not an error..just a little different way of playing. I think this is a great little game!

hope this helps

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