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General Play Hints

[Post New]by moonryu on Apr 18, 16 4:40 PM
I have started to do a detailed mapping / logging of what can be found on which levels. I have been playing the same level 10 times and note down what can be found where.

For the HOS scenes -- The order varies from time to time, so expecting to get in the order listed below is not to be expected. Only these are what I have gotten consistently. Which if you are looking for one thing, this maybe a way to find it.

FYI -- I highly recommend playing in the easier mode. I burned a huge amount of gold bars buying power ups to extend time.

FYI -- If you play in the easier mode, play clearing all but the last unclear square (dirt/crate/sand/red) and play until about 20 moves left doing bottles (free power ups) and shields (for crafting). Then do the last unclear (dirt/crate/sand whatever) square. This will power build up your power-ups and shields much faster. On a good run I can almost do about 1/4 of each (power-up and crafting shield a game -- at least level 3).

I will update this or add a new post when needed.

Level 3:
Straw Bunch -- on the 2nd screen you got to by the pick ax. (Always gotten this)
In the HOS (where there are squares around an hidden item):
Gold Key
Obsiden Shard

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Re:General Play Hints

[Post New]by moonryu on Apr 20, 16 10:09 AM
Level 4: String

Level 5: Nails
Other items but not consistent (not including normal stuff (wood, stone, food):
Iron Ore, Power Ups, Tinder Vine, Glass Shard, Gold Nugget

Level 9: Empty Bottle and Silver Key

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