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[Post New]by debbiewitt on Apr 18, 16 5:33 PM
I cannot find the crazy wheel, can anyone help me with this. Also how do you build the mine and people say there is a hint section on their game that drives them crazy but that is not on my game anywhere. I cannot figure this out. I'm new to gaming so don't laugh but I am totally lost

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Re:crazy wheel

[Post New]by Theorem on Apr 19, 16 6:55 AM
Hi there!

- Crazy wheel doesn't really look like a wheel! When you are about to lose a level (no more moves), you get the opportunity to spin the crazy wheel: a window opens telling you that you can buy additional moves for x gold. You can also spin the wheel: it's at the bottom of that window, looks like a .. er ... insane face! :-) Click on it and then on its tooth and see whether you can receive something (5 additional moves, a life, 45 gold or ... nothing). ETA: I think you can use the wheel again after 30min (if you click on it again, it will tell you how much time is left until it's possible to spin it for free).

- After you have collected all the seeds (it's like a smiling flower that appears next to the levels after a character has asked for help), you can build the mine. The mine actually looks like a tree trunk (I am not really advanced, not sure if it goes on like this). There will be a hammer on top of it, meaning you can build or upgrade. Just click on the hammer if you want to build.

- Hint section: You might have understood it wrong (or I have!). I think some players are complaining that when you are thinking about your next move while playing a level, the game's proposal for the next possible move comes too fast. I would say: look at it but don't consider it as the best move! There might be another more interesting one somewhere on the board!

I am not an expert on SMaL (not yet!! ) and English is not my first language but I hope I could help you!!

Happy gaming!!

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