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[Post New]by JacobNW on Oct 19, 17 3:04 PM
My old id was Jack a406250. I had 230 friends an elite everything when I got a new device. My new I'd is a902245. Please feel free to add me and let me add you. Will do my best to send your requests.


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[Post New]by Moonnia on Oct 22, 17 12:57 PM
I lost all my friends. I have a game recovered on a new device but no friends. Level 69 help
a905878 moonnia


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[Post New]by Masalai47 on Oct 23, 17 6:52 AM
Hi, I have just discovered this site and found out how to find friends!!,

My player name is KAROLIN and ID no. is a907902.

Iam on my 3rd Android device so starting all over again. Wish they (big fish) would work out to let us know how to continue when our devices die they do! Love this game but find this aspect VERY annoying!!,


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[Post New]by peewee1pw2 on Oct 27, 17 5:07 PM
Hola everyone. This game has been very helpful in keeping mY mind off of the chaos and trauma that is my life at the moment. As I struggle everyday waiting to hear about great grandparents in the beloved island if PuertoRico this game sucks you right in and you don't even notice the time flYong away. :-)
I am a daily player, daily gifted everytime it allows me to. And i gift to those who gift to me first and the rest as well. Thand to all. :-D

Friend code

Happy castleing. :-)


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[Post New]by Charlenerika on Oct 30, 17 1:19 PM
Hey everyone! Would love some new friends! My code is a904247!


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[Post New]by Pat4413 on Nov 4, 17 10:35 AM
Also looking for friends to share gifts with. Not a facebook person and I am a daily player. A887576

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by kjfb on Nov 8, 17 10:45 AM
Looking for new friends! A lot of my friends have hit the highest level and now only play seasonal events or when new levels are added. I'm a daily player and gift at least once a day. My ID is a536388. Thanks!

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[Post New]by Bigfish_tanya on Nov 8, 17 12:49 PM
i am on android too my game name is tanya and my ID number is a715218 you can add me


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[Post New]by Xristabel on Nov 12, 17 6:35 AM
I too am looking for a few friends. I think i successfully got some requests sent to some of the ID'S posted here. My ID is a827016, Xristine so you know who sent it or if anyone else wants to send one to me. Play regularly since earlier this year, stlll figuring it out. At L46 now.

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[Post New]by McAskullin on Nov 12, 17 9:40 AM
Hello, my friend code is a893631. Please add me as Christmas is coming and gifting is fun.

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[Post New]by Juderbug on Nov 12, 17 4:53 PM
I'll repost my ID for anyone else who might like to add me a754130, I do my best to help where I can especially newer players. Just have only one request and that is if you stop playing this game for whatever reason please at least take a second to send me a PM. This helps me to help those who are still playing. I've reached the highest level so far but still play every day.

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[Post New]by 1457051 on Nov 12, 17 5:50 PM
Nephews new to the game

They need friends!


Annagail's back! But friends gone

[Post New]by gailanno on Nov 13, 17 9:12 AM
Hi all,

Annagail here. My tablet ran out of memory a few months ago, so couldn't play. ? Finally got a memory card, so I'm back k. But I lost all my friends. Not that
I had a lot, but those I had were great. If you were a friend, I'd love to get back together. If not, would love some new ones. I'm a GREAT gift giver when possible. My friend code/ID is a558797. Thanks!

Oh gosh! My friend list just shoes up, but would welcome a few new friends. ?

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To Catholic (new ID) and Stardancer!

[Post New]by gailanno on Nov 13, 17 3:11 PM
I accidentally removed you Invites. Sent a new request to Stardancer, but couldn't find Catholic in search. Please resend? Thanks!

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Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by riddler01 on Nov 14, 17 10:38 AM
Riddler here, I keep 30 friends, that seems to be perfect for consistent gifting, even keep a spreadsheet to keep it straight. I am about to lose two friends, been keeping track, and have not been able to find or contact either for a couple months. I will leave them on my list for now, but looking for 1, or 2 new friends to replace them, feel free to send a request.

Game Name: Riddler01
Game ID # - a840585

Thanks all, and keep on stormin!



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[Post New]by aimsforeva on Nov 21, 17 10:57 PM
Desparately need friends. Id is a886067. I am on level 29 and need 8 of the unique stamps to move on and would so appreciate any help, I am not in thd position to be able to buy help. I play this everyday and would always send back gift if I am able. Thankyou and I look forward to making some MC friends.


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[Post New]by Ozmars on Nov 30, 17 4:54 AM
Hi all

Would love some friends I'm a892330.

Thanks ?


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[Post New]by srigiri on Dec 2, 17 5:21 AM
Hi fellow gamers!! I am user Code a924188, currently in level 20. Please send friend requests, and we can share gifts..

Thanks in advance!!

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Re:Friends for Android

[Post New]by rbsworld on Dec 8, 17 3:45 PM
It's that time of year again! I would love to add some friends for the Winter Event and beyond.

Please add me.


Have fun in your castle!


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[Post New]by Dragonlady1958 on Dec 8, 17 8:26 PM
Hi everyone I'm MsJan looking for friends I gift and want to be this game have a great day.. my ID# is a926952

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