Monument Builders: Rushmore

[Post New]by Relaxing74 on Apr 19, 16 11:53 AM
Just started this game but can't figure out how to earn $. Takes more money to get last two road repairs and build factories, etc., but don't see a way to earn money.
Hints, help?

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Re:Monument Builders: Rushmore

[Post New]by BFFirefly on Apr 19, 16 1:48 PM
Welcome to the forums Relaxing74,

Build a Shop, not a Cake Shop, that provides bread for food, but the Shop provides money.


Re:Monument Builders: Rushmore

[Post New]by nscottderr on Apr 20, 16 7:43 PM
You only have the option (and goal) of building a Cake Shop. When I was down to the last money, I demolished the Cake Shop, but that goal went back to unattained and, again, no option to build a Shop for the access to money. Still need help!!!!!

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