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So no more reviews on this forum?

[Post New]by captzeno on Apr 22, 16 3:10 PM
Well, I don't know if this will get posted or not but here goes. I've tried to enjoy this game and Lord knows it not easy to do. I like the difference of it. I like the historical aspect of it but man it is hard to get much of a clue, literally. Whenever you go in a room you sort of have to stumble on the HOGs by accident. Now I don't know if the newer version is better than this, if so I'd love to know that. I'm not finished yet and I intend to take it to the conclusion. Now I'm posting in this particular forum because I'd like to know from the Moderator how one goes about contacting someone who can provide me with info concerning Big Fish Games -- Namely is there a way to get a list of mystery games that do not have fantasy or horror as the key elements in the story line. I'm burned out on those to be sure. If someone has a clue on that let me know.

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