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mystery case files-RTR

[Post New]by rozanne123 on Jan 3, 10 4:10 PM
Is there a blog walkthrough for RTR and if not, why not? I found that I was just going in circles with this game. It was so frustrating that I uninstalled it. Anyone out there with a suggestion?

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Re:mystery case files-RTR

[Post New]by puzzledone on Jan 3, 10 5:40 PM
Sorry nobody has stopped to answer your question yet. There isn't one on BF because this game came out before BF revamped this site including them. You will find a WT on gamezebo with screenshots. Many of the games before this year and after are there, where MargieB used to write them, now she is with BigFish among others who write them.

Oddly today somebody just posted one on the forum in text, maybe find it in search, Or, google gamezebo with RTR walkthru. It is on their site under Tips and Tricks tab. Scroll to bottom of that T&T page to alphabet, under M for MCF not R.

I can send you the link PM not here. I hope you reinstall RTR if you bought it, I couldn't have played it without the help on GZ getting lost in circles. Worth buying if you only did a demo, difficult but a classic.Good luck and happy gaming!

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